Mitwohnzentrale Venezia
Alloggi Temporanei
Castello 5448 A

30122 Venice, Italy

Phone 0039 041 5231672
Fax 0039 041 5208818



 Sales conditions


  1. Reservation

The acceptance of the reservation is subject to:

  • The availability of the apartment at the moment the written request is received by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s (by e-mail, fax or letter)
  • The payment of an advance payment
  • The authorisation for eventual debits or other amounts foreseen in point 3 in case of cancellation.

The reservation is concluded only when Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s has sent a written communication (by fax, letter or e-mail) confirming it.


2.       Booking confirmation

By receiving the written confirmation, and in respect of the terms contained therein, the customer will pay an amount equal to 30 % of the total price of the reserved rental by a bank transfer to:


Mitwohnzentrale Venezia Alloggi Temporanei di Helga Anna Gross & C.  s.a.s.

Account no.  066189240181

BancaIntesa s.p.a.
Campo San Bortolomeo
Italy 30100 Venice


IBAN:                           IT29 D030 6902 0450 6618 9240 181
BIC:                             B C I T I T M M 905


The balance will be paid at check-in and at the same time the holiday rental contract will be signed.

The total price for the required period is shown by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s in the written booking confirmation.

Apart from the apartment which is completely furnished and equipped (as shown in the detailed description of the apartment, received by the customer previously), the price includes:

  • Welcoming at the closest boat-stop to the apartment between 9.00 am and 8.00 pm. Sometimes the apartments can be occupied  by other customers in those cases we will offer the reception not later than 3.00 pm.
  • Initial and final cleaning
  • Towels and linens

The price does NOT include

  • Utilities such as electricity, gas and telephone which will be paid for separately on check-out
  • Transfer from and to the train station, airport or other terminals
  • Cot or chair for children
  • Porter – service

Services that can be provided if requested.

All of the prices shown are in Euros.



  1. Cancellation by the Customer

The cancellation of the reservation by the customer, with a warning of 21 days prior to the beginning of the stay, implies the loss of the advanced payment which will remain the property of Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s. If the cancellation is made with less warning, these further payments can be required:

  • From 20 to 14 days:                                         50 % of the agreed price
  • From 13 to 7 days:                                           75 % of the agreed price
  • From 6 days until the day prior to arrival:            90 % of the agreed price
  • Non arrival:                                                      90 % of the agreed price

The client will not have any reimbursement if he voluntarily interrupts the holiday and leaves before the established departure day.


  1. Cancellation  by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s

In the event that the apartment is not available for justified reasons, Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s reserves the right to offer an adequate alternative solution to the original reservation.

If the client should not wish to accept the alternative that is offered, every obligation will be terminated and the client will receive all amounts that he has paid. Upon repayment all undertakings previously made will immediately lapse and nothing else can be claimed by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s.


  1. Deposit

At check-in there will be paid to Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s an amount of 500 Euros, or the amount shown in the booking confirmation, as a cautionary deposit against any eventual damage that the customer may cause and also for those expenses not foreseen as included in the contract.

If any damage is caused, the amount relative to that damage will be paid from the deposit, not  excluding the obligation of the customer to repay any other amounts eventually exceeding the deposit regarding damage caused by the client following a simple request by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s.


  1. terms of consignements and release of the apartment

Our guests are kindly asked to provide with at least 2 working day notice the expected arrival time in Venice and any other useful detail such as flight or train numbers etc. to enable Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s to organize the welcome service and this way the staff of Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s will be able to advise the best way to get to the meeting point.

In lack of this information, Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s will not be responsible for any failure or delay in the welcoming service, in as much as the apartments do not have a reception (like hotels do) and every single welcome must therefore be well organized.

The apartment is delivered between 3.00 pm and 20.00 pm at the arrival day and must not be left later than 10.00 am at the departure day.

According to the availability of the apartments themselves and Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s staff other timings can be arranged with the following additional costs:

·         For check-in  between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm -  if the apartment is available - no additional costs

·         For check-in  08.00 pm and 10.00 pm    30 Euros

·         For check-in  10.00 pm and 01.00 am    40 Euros

·         For check-in* 01.00 am and 07.00 pm    50 Euros we kindly ask our customers to avoid arrivals after 1.00 am if ever possible

*check-on means the moment you will reach the apartment, NOT the moment the train or the plane is supposed to arrive in Venice.

We will ask our guests to call us from the airport, train station or any other terminal as soon as they will have arrived in Venice,  to confirm the arrival and to agree the actual time for the meeting, at the phone numbers we will communicate before. At the agreed time an employee of Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s will welcome the guests at the closest public transport station to show him the way to the apartment, hand over the keys and show him the apartment itself. When entering the apartment, the guest will sign the contract and all necessary documents for his registration, will pay the security deposit and the balance owed. At the same time, the Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s employee will check the meters for all utilities not included in the price.


7.       Check out

During the stay the guest will agree with Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s about the actual return of the apartment, so that an employee of Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s can carry out all the formalities such as:

Checking utilities and the general state of structure which regards the cleaning as well. (The guests are supposed to leave the apartment reasonably clean and tidy, otherwise Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s can charge an additional amount for the extra cleaning) and delivery of the keys. Any eventual delay by the client beyond the agreed time gives Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s  the right to debit 50,00 Euros.


8.      Maximum of people

The description of each apartment includes the number of people who are allowed to stay there. 


9.       Animals

Animals are allowed in some of the apartments after a written request (by fax or e-mail) which will have be sent before reservation which strictly needs a written confirmation by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s


10.   Cleaning

Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s will provide a clean apartment, complete with bed and bath linen in adequate quantity for every guest and equipped with all fittings indicated in the description.


11.   Customers’ Obligations and Responsibilities

The customer undertakes to take due care in the use of the apartment and avoid any action that may cause damage to the apartment or  other adjoining structures. It shall be understood that, in the event of failure to abide by this obligation, the customer will be held liable for damage occurred to the structure and/or property therein.

All the rules of the building must be obeyed. From 1.00 pm  until 3.00 pm and from 11.00 pm until 08.00 am the guests in the apartment must not make any noise that could disturb other residents. In the event that the customer should not respect the rules of the building or those established by Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s., the latter reserves the right of expelling them from the apartment without any reimbursement.

In the event that the guest requires the presence of our staff during their stay for a reason that Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s may consider unimportant, they will be debited 40 Euros every time.
In the event that the keys be lost, broken or damaged or that a locksmith is needed to open the door, Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s will be authorised to debit the amount of 70 Euros which includes the replacement of the lock (If there are no other/higher costs have been caused). In the event that the guest forgets the keys inside the apartment and the services of the Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s staff be required to open the door, the amount that will be debited is 40,00 Euros.


12. Complaints

In the unlikely case that a customer is not satisfied with the accommodation arrangements, he/she must immediately contact Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s, who will attend to all problems as quickly as possible. If the inconvenience has not been resolved by the day of the departure, the customer is requested to submit his/her considerations and complaints by e-mail or fax and Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s will forward them to the owner of the apartment, suggesting and acting in favour to the customer, if his complaint is justified. If the customer submits a complaint only at the end of his/her stay rather than immediately notifying us, Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s shall not be liable to make any reimbursement.


13.  Responsibility of Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s

Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s shall not be liable for any damage sustained by whoever rents the apartment unless such damage is the result of its own negligence. Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s shall not be responsible for any loss, delay or problem caused by circumstances over which it cannot reasonably be deemed to have any control, including but not limited to natural causes such as: flooding, explosions, storms, strikes, fire, war or threat of war, civil unrest, act, restrictions, regulations, measures of any type by any local authority, strikes, industrial action or adverse weather conditions. Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s shall not be held responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, etc. or for interruptions in public utility supplies such as water or electricity. Nor shall Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s be liable for noise or disturbances whose origin is beyond its reasonable control. 


14.  Law and Jurisdiction

The contract signed between the client and Mitwohnzentrale Venezia s.a.s is regulated by Italian Law and exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian Courts.


15.  Arbitration clause


Any dispute that may arise between the parties regarding the validity, efficiency, interpretation or execution of this contract and subsequent agreements, and in any case linked to it, will be decided by administrative arbitration in the Venice Real-Estate and General Arbitration Chamber c/o The Venice Chamber of Commerce, of which the parties declare to know and accept the rules.